Garden Landscapers Halesowen

Garden Landscapers Halesowen

When it comes to designing gardens, we love making a customer’s dreams become a reality. Whether it’s a small section of the garden, or the whole garden, we aim to do the best possible job for our customers. When doing this we will always communicate with the customer to produce the garden that they want, and pass on our years of experience about what we believe would look best. We will always use the best materials and only use them in a safe, recommended way. We cover Belbroughton, Dudley, Hagley, Halesowen, Harbourne, Kingswinford, Oldbury, Quinton, Romsley and Stourbridge.

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  • Patios and Paving Installers
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  • Artificial Grass Installers

Patios & Paving

When installing a new patio, we lay them with the attitude that you should only ever need to get it done once. A 2 inch hardcore base, made from mot type 1, is an absolute must. No recycled or plainings used, and this guarantees there won’t be any dips or movement from the new patio.

When laying the slabs, we always use a 5 to 1 mix of sand and cement as a full bed. This reduces the risk of weak spots in the slabs being created, where there would be no concrete. As we us a full bed, the slab is connected fully by concrete when set.We offer a large range of slabs to choose from. Anything from natural stone paving, to porcelain and a range of manufactured concrete slabs.

Artifical Grass Installers

DRG Landscaping also offer installation of turf and artificial grass.

Our artificial grass is sourced from Grassetc – take a look at there website to see their range of artificial grass –

As a trading partner we get a discount on the prices shown on the website and we install artificial grass to their exact recommendations.

We take time to make sure our Artificial grass is always laid in the best way possible. Unlike some companies, we believe that artificial grass should never be laid on sharp sand as over time this will begin to smell and sink.

Ours will be installed using mot type 1 as a hardcore base. We then install a layer of granite dust, with a landscape membrane on top, to reduce weeds getting through. The granite dust is used to allow the water to drain through, without any movement, but still have a cushioned feel when the grass is laid over the top. The artificial grass is then nailed or glued down to beams that can bend in different shapes that are concreted and pegged into the ground.

We use a large range of companies to supply us with materials and try to keep these as local as possible. When delivering quotes, we will always tell you where your materials are sourced from and offer their brochures when needed.

Artificial Grass Installers